CU Magazine: Compensation Planning for a Post-Pandemic Era

Posted on October 5, 2020 • Posted in News Articles

Scott Dettmann was mentioned in the recent CU Management online magazine…

Despite 2020’s social and economic upheavals, CUES survey data continues to hold great value for boards seeking to develop a competitive CEO compensation package in line with the market, says Scott Dettmann, principal consultant with Carlson Dettmann Consulting, Madison, Wisconsin.

It can be challenging for credit union board members to get comfortable with competitive executive salary and bonus practices, compared with their own personal experience on what constitutes “a fair day’s wage,” he notes.

In Dettmann’s compensation consulting practice, the vast majority of clients followed through on plans to award staff raises this year despite the economic downturn, though a number of organizations reduced the increases by a half to full percent over their initial plans.

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