Executive Compensation  

Executive Compensation Planning

There is no substitute for effective leadership.  To ensure that your organization attracts, retains and motivates the most qualified leaders in a manner acceptable to owners, shareholders and regulatory authorities, CDC consultants have experience in the analysis, design and implementation of all elements of executive compensation planning.

Our consulting services include:

Establishing Executive Compensation Strategy

Deciding how best to combine all the elements of an executive compensation programs requires careful, in-depth analysis and expert knowledge. There should be a direct link between your executive compensation program and your corporate goals. We will work with your senior management and directors to address these issues, and help develop a compensation strategy that takes into account your business goals, executive performance and management practices.

Determining Competitive Pay Levels

We can determine the appropriate competitive levels of each element of executive compensation based upon the analysis of published compensation surveys or by conducting an individually tailored survey.

Designing Effective Incentive Plans

Designing incentive plans that are consistant with  your organizational and financial goals can be essential to your organization’s ultimate success. We can help you decide which executives should participate, the amount they should receive, performance measures, funding and the form and timing of payout. This includes both annual and longer-term incentive programs.

Designing Executive Capital Accumulation Plans

Long-term income and capital accumulation programs should be an aid in retaining and building the net worth of your executives. This form of executive compensation is often more complex than simple cash compensation, in part because of the continuing changes in tax laws and accounting rules. We can work with you to establish objectives, identify the program best suited to your needs, design the plan, and then simulate plan performance to test the a plan’s ability to provided intended benefits with minimal negative impact on earnings per share and cash flow.

Examining and Designing Appropriate Executive Benefits and Perquisites

Executive benefits and perquisites are significant forms of indirect compensation and should be integrated into your total compensation package. We can conduct a thorough analysis of your program including retirement benefits, short- and long-term disability benefits, medical coverage and life insurance benefits. We can also assess the competitiveness and appropriateness of your various perquisites. When the study is complete, you will receive a report that identities any shortcomings and presents ways to resolve them.

Designing Deferred Compensation Plans

Executives are frequently interested in deferring some portion of their current pay to some future period or to retirement  We can design non-qualified deferred compensation arrangements within supplemental executive retirement plans, incentive or capital accumulation plans, or employment contracts.

Other Related Services

  • Implementing and communicating compensation programs to maximize their effectiveness, including developing brochures, conducting workshops and making presentations.
  • Developing employment contracts to recruit executives in mid-career, or for other reasons.
  • Designing performance appraisal systems to help you determine base salary levels or individual incentive awards.
  • Developing plans for transfer of ownership within privately or closely held corporations.
  • Informing you of compensation developments, including pending legislation that may affect your executive compensation program.
  • Addressing the special executive compensation needs of closely held companies, including designing appropriate capital accumulation programs.

We will develop stock- and cash-based plans, addressing related accounting, tax and regulatory issues. We will help you with key employee retention agreements and succession planning, non qualified retirement income.  The goal is to support the objectives of your organization and enhance value for all stakeholders.

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