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Carlson Dettmann Consulting Overview

Carlson Dettmann Consulting (CDC), a Cottingham & Butler Company, is an independent management consulting firm with primary expertise in compensation strategies, employee relations, and related business services.

We understand the diverse needs of public, private, for-profit, and not-for-profit organizations. The Carlson Dettmann team has completed projects in over 15 states, including Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, California and Washington. Review a listing of our current projects and extensive client list.

Our primary focus is on total compensation as a critical component of the overall human resource strategy. We strive to match each organization’s compensation program to its strategic objectives.  A well-designed total compensation program that is communicated effectively increases the probability that your employees will understand how their work relates to achieving your organization’s strategic goals.

CDC delivers the full spectrum of compensation program elements. These include base pay plans, executive compensation, incentive compensation, job evaluation, and marketplace competitive pricing and analysis. We link these elements to organizational development, supervisory training, and performance management.

We will assist you in the development and measurement of programs that will compensate, motivate, and support the continuous improvement of employee performance at all levels of your organization. Whether developing your overall pay strategy, designing new programs or communicating and administering existing programs – we provide the personal follow-through necessary to help your organization succeed.

What is compensation?

In our experience, to be effective, a human resource program has to manage four key things:

  • Direct pay
  • Benefits
  • Working conditions
  • Job security

“Compensation” is what an employee receives in return for work performed, and it takes many forms.  Our job is to help our clients manage their organization’s total compensation program.

The keys to effective total compensation management are:

  • Understanding all of the forms of compensation provided.
  • Making sure direct compensation (pay and benefits) is visible and competitive enough to attract and retain employees.
  • Optimizing the compensation mix so employees are paid in the “currency” that is most valuable to them.
  • Controlling costs.

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Our primary location is in Madison, Wisconsin, with the remainder of our team located throughout the state.

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