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White Papers Published by Carlson Dettmann Consulting

Dettmann and Carlson are experienced teachers, speakers and writers on the subjects of compensation and human resources.

Scott Dettmann and Charles Carlson are regular contributors to printed publications on the subjects of compensation and human resources. Both teach, speak, and write regularly on topics of interest, and serve as expert sources for articles that appear in news stories and magazine articles.

I learned years ago, in order to really hone my knowledge of a subject, the fastest way was to teach it and write about it.  The key information and any gaps always stand out.  It’s how I make myself better.  ~Charles Carlson

White papers prepared on specific topics include:

A Guideline for Establishing Executive Level Compensation

A Public Policy Tale by: Charles Carlson

Credit Union Executive Compensation by: Carlson Dettmann

Executive Compensation Dealing with Deferred Compensation by Carlson Dettmann

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