CDC talks Compensation at NPELRA

Posted on July 15, 2015 • Posted in News Articles

Employee Relations and Total Rewards Management Webinar

Please join CDC consultants, Charles Carlson and Patrick Glynn, on August 11 @ 1 pm (CST)

To register, visit the NPELRA webinar website

Today’s workforce has diverse expectations for compensation. The focus of this webinar is on total rewards management and its role in the employer/employee relationship. One of the key factors in compensation management is the communication of total rewards. Certainly, the duty to bargain requires good faith dealings with the certified representative of your unionized employees; however, it does not preclude effective communication regarding the value of your total rewards program. This webinar demonstrates effective methods for making sure everyone-employees, managers, elected officials, the public, and even arbitrators-understand the full value of your total package. Participants in this webinar will review the dimensions of total rewards management, how to establish relevance, and effective methods for measuring and presenting the subject matter in a bargaining relationship.

This webinar will cover:
– What are total rewards?
– How do employers respond to the diverse-and ever-changing-expectations for compensation?
– How does total rewards management relate to relate to collective bargaining?

Charles Carlson
Carlson Dettmann Consulting
Charles E. Carlson has advised Wisconsin public employers for over forty years. He has negotiated over 250 collective bargaining agreements, helped employers establish compensation plans and human resource systems, and guided communities through management and program re-organization. Charlie has been a labor relations advisor to the UW-Madison and was personnel director for University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Patrick Glynn
Carlson Dettmann Consulting
Patrick Glynn has nearly two decades of leadership experience in public sector human resources and administration. He has represented the human resources, labor relations, and management interests of three Wisconsin counties; Marquette, Sauk, and Calumet.