Testimonials from Clients of Carlson Dettmann

CDC provided the “total package” for us.  Base pay is important, but because our business is so diversified. CDC also handled the profit participation, commission and short term / long term plans for a very diverse group of employees located throughout the United States.

Private Sector Client

CDC has done a tremendous job.  This is the second company that we have implemented their system (base pay, profit participation, commission, short term bonus, long term bonus, operating guidelines) and it works great.  Our employee retention has improved by 25% and employees feel that they are fairly compensated; they also now know what it takes to advance in their careers.

Private Sector Client

Implementation of the CDC-designed class and pay plan saved the city money, provided a transparent and easy to manage performance based pay plan and improved employee morale.

Allison Hall Hartformer City Manager, Irvine, CA