Upper Midwest Annual Wage Increase Survey  

Carlson Dettmann Consulting, a Cottingham & Butler Company, is pleased to release the results of our 2018-2019 Upper Midwest Annual Wage Increase Survey. The survey was open for participation from June 19 – August 29, 2018, and 732 valid responses were collected. Among all participants, the average 2018 wage structure increase was 2.16% and the average projected 2019 wage structure increase is 2.24%.

The 2019-2020 survey will be open for participation in mid-June. If you would like to receive a survey invitation, please contact Jennifer Hassrick at jennifer.hassrick@carlsondettmann.com.

About the Final Survey Report

The published survey report contains the following data cuts and summaries:

Part A: All Respondents
Part B: Wisconsin Summary
Part C: Wisconsin Public Sector
Part D: Wisconsin Private Sector
Part E: Minnesota Summary
Part F: Minnesota Public Sector
Part G: Minnesota Private Sector
Part H: Iowa Summary
Part I: Iowa Public Sector
Part J: Iowa Private Sector
Part K: Illinois Summary

Download the 2018-19 Final Report


For questions related to this Annual Wage Increase Survey, please contact Jennifer Hassrick at jennifer.hassrick@carlsondettmann.com or 608.729.7556.