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Carlson Dettmann Consulting, LLC (CDC) is an independent management consulting firm with primary expertise in compensation strategies, employee relations, and related business services. We understand the diverse needs of public, private, for-profit, and not-for-profit organizations. Carlson and Dettmann together have over 75 years of compensation consulting and executive experience.


Compensation Systems

Taking into consideration marketplace conditions, regulatory, organizational, cultural, and other internal and external requirements, we work with managers and employees to develop the appropriate systems for your organization. Read More

Performance Management

We work with our clients to develop a performance management system that focuses on individual development and job performance that is consistent with organizational objectives. Read More

Management Consulting

Probing the linkages between job structure, compensation, and performance frequently lead to observations and conclusions about ways you might improve operational structure and enhance accountability, or measure and report more accurately. Read More

Executive Compensation

There is no substitute for effective leadership. To ensure that your organization attracts, retains and motivates the most qualified leaders, we have experience in the analysis, design and implementation of all elements of executive compensation. Read More

Employee Engagement

Research consistently shows that the level of employee engagement directly impacts productivity and profitability. We assist clients with measuring engagement and implementing changes based on feedback.

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Employee Performance and Compensation in the Public Sector


Can we effectively link employee performance and pay? The challenges are different in the public sector than they are in for-profit organizations. However, while the road to success is winding.. read more

Just Released – Wage Increase Survey


The 2016/17 Annual Wage Increase Survey final report is now available. In addition to the Wisconsin public sector data, this year marks the first time we opened the wage increase.. read more

Strengths Coaching + Millennials


Gallup recently published an intriguing report on managing Millennials. Strengths coaching has become even more relevant with this generational shift. If your organization is interested in learning more about our.. read more